Wednesday, 31 January 2007

A Midsummer Night's War: Long Distance Editing

Gareth finally gets called to Doha to start his contract with Al-Jazeera. Well, we've heard there's a contract: he still hasn't seen it.

I imagine he's lounging by a pool, sipping cocktails, being massaged by a bikini-clad dancer at the moment. How's the weather? Can I get you anything? Another drink, perhaps, or a cocktail umbrella for your glass?

The film is maybe 90% done by this point, but for the remainder we'll need to do a little long-distance editing. I'm really happy with it - I must admit I was skeptical about Gareth's idea of a two-part structure, but now I'm convinced it works. The film is essentially two very different views on the aftermath of the war. Both coming from the same place, having been through the same experience, but drawing different comclusions.


Anonymous said...

Any updates on the progress of this film??

Saeed said...

The film is even closer to completion, but still taking some time. We are currently editing sound and the soundtrack is being composed. We'll definitely post once the film is completed, and we'll let you know of screenings as they're arranged.