Sunday, 4 February 2007

Skiing With Hezbollah: last minute preparations

As Federico leaves for Beirut five days before me, I'm in London making last minute preparations. I need to get some more gear together, I think I need insurance (no?). Most importantly, I visit my old friend Simon Conway at Landmine Action to get information on the situation in Southern Beirut and Southern Lebanon. He hands me a report with photos of different types of unexploded ordnance - millions of these cluster munitions still litter the south of the country.

Basically, just remember this : If you think you see a perfume bottle with a ribbon attached, don't pick it up.

In Simon's building, I also run into another old friend, ex-special forces "Joe". We go for a coffee opposite the MI6 building, giving me a chance to catch up with him (I haven't seen him for almost a year) and to ask more security questions about Lebanon, just to reassure myself (and my mum, when she asks...)

When I explain the concept of the film to people, they seem either amused or confused (I hope that's the reaction Federico was going for). At least they seem interested. Most people, when they hear the title, simply point out "But, you don't know how to ski..."

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