Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Lot Of Ice, Not As Cold

It's hard running on ice. Luckily I have these:

(Spikes on my shoes)

It was warmer yesterday, so the ice melted, then froze again in big sheets along the road, and - slightly more dangerous - along the hill outside our house. When you start sliding you don't stop. The driveway is just a long sheet of pure ice now.

When it gets dark out here, there's a moment just before complete darkness when the sky becomes deep, electric blue, and what's left of the sun begins to reflect off the snow. Everything glows, looking so surreal it reminds me of a film set. The lighting looks artificial.

And into that electric blue darkness, that grey water, we sometimes jump. For the thrill, for the challenge. For the reminder of how cold it really is. Here's proof:

That's one way to get out of the house. On Wednesday night, we head for the centre of the city to see a night of music as part of the Barents Jazz festival. Kohib, (aka Øivind Sjøvoll) is an ambient musician based here in Tromso who we'll be working with on the film's soundtrack (along with five or six other Arctic Ambient musicians). This soundtrack is an experiment. With so many unknowns, we decide the more we know about the musicians the better, so we say hello to Øivind and talk briefly before his show. The artistic community here has a unique dynamic. They have fun (London, take note). They're open and friendly, and not pretentious (London, take note). They collaborate and support each other (London, take note). They are open and experimental (London, take note). 

(I could go on, but you get the idea...)   

The lights in the venue are blue and red. And a white chandelier. The beer is very expensive - but that's to be expected. Sometimes you need to roll with the punches to enjoy yourself, to break out of the warm Arctic cabin for the night. 

By Saturday, we have a rough version of the first 15 minutes of the film to show to a festival programmer here. He's interested in screening the film. Images, music, archive, voice over: all the elements finally come together in a delicate balance to tell our story. We decide to take Sunday off, to give ourselves a chance to breath...

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