Friday, 20 January 2012

Bridges, Mountains

Walk across the Bruvegen Bridge, over the Norwegian Sea. To the north, you can see the sun for the few hours in the day that it is above the horizon. There is no "day" here, only a glimpse of the sun. To the south, frozen mountains.

Below you, ships are waiting to be repaired in the freezing water. The water is crystal clear. I remember diving in while in Svalbard. My hands froze in pain and then numbness in three and a half minutes. 

A video loop in the Arctic Museum reminds us that there are no wild Polar Bears in mainland northern Norway. The beautiful project "Nanoq: Flat Out And Bluesome" hunted and documented all the stuffed Polar Bears in the UK.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe the ships in the museum actually made it to the Arctic. They look too small:

We spend our day in workshops, deconstructing and reconstructing our poor, struggling, starving film ideas. I tried to set my film in 2044, it didn't work. I still like the idea of "a documentary shot in the future" We hear about Visionary Violence and Norway's solitary, mesmerising space odyssey.

Is this city in stasis during winter months? I can no longer follow day and night, only looking at my watch tells me where I am and what I should be doing (eating? Sleeping? Waking up? Feeling tired?)

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