Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How Will I Know When It's Cold Enough?

Day four of my cold shower routine. I'm preparing for the Arctic swim. I'm now comfortable standing under the shower for five minutes - I could do longer, but frankly it's rather boring standing under a shower once you're actually done showering, just counting every second for five minutes. After around 45 seconds I achieve a zen state where the cold no longer makes me shiver. At times it actually feels comfortable, sometimes even warm. You being to see how small changes in your position, movement and posture make big differences in your ability to retain heat.

Once I reach a comfortable equilibrium, I move slightly, let the water run over my head and suddenly the shivers are back and I have to start again. Breathing slowly and deliberately to find a calm, relaxed state.

On Thursday I'll be going for a cold swim in the UK's largest outdoor fresh-water pool.

In the Arctic, I'll be diving in a dry suit. I admire Lewis in his commitment:

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