Saturday, 8 January 2011

Midnight half-marathon

Last night, for the challenge, I kept running. The route is usually 8 miles. But if I look behind me at around mile 6, I can see the fork in the road, the split where Bishopsgate becomes Commercial Street, then Tower Bridge, then Millennium Bridge, and on and on. This is where I came from. If I turn around, instead of continuing straight, returning home, I can repeat this part of the route - Commercial Street, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, and on and on. I did.

It meant another trip along the river, around the towers, over the corrugated metal, over cobble streets, bridge, steps, road, pavement. Then I head home. At the corner of Barrett's Grove, I've run a half-marathon distance. Just for the challenge of it. I passed many things along the way:

Two police "stop and searches"
An elderly prostitute
A man snorting cocaine in the car park of a wine supermarket
A familiar homeless woman. Then she appeared about 500 metres away, somehow in front of me again.
An office building, someone still working inside
Turkish musicians, playing at the curb
Tourists photographing themselves on Tower Bridge
A man, walking to work
Two couples arguing
A bouncer, getting agressive
A couple, kissing
Foxes. Many foxes.