Monday, 14 June 2010

Edinburgh, 6pm

I shared a train to Edinburgh with Rosie, the dog. She sat in the seat behind me and stuck her nose under my chair, sniffing around my feet and the bag of coffee I had sitting there. Her owner tapped me on the shoulder to ask "Is this the train to Edinburgh?" And I said "I hope so...otherwise we're both going the wrong way."

I slept. I typed. I read. I drank my coffee. I arrived in Edinburgh. I went back to the Granville Guest House where I filmed "Masaraat" two years ago. Saw Bilal at the door and we talked about the breakdancing championships he had just been competing in.

Now, upstairs in my room, preparing for my pitching workshop tomorrow. Tuesday, the training, then the live pitch on Wednesday.

Go, Runner! Fill me with your inspiration and momentum!

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