Tuesday, 9 February 2010

You will not see LA

TED begins - we practice our talks today. It's amazing to see the range of people here, the range of ideas and disciplines. All I want to do is make films, but beside me are people like Manu - designing computers that use picolitre droplets of water as relay switches: "information is physical", and Mitch - the city of the future is "soft", and Hugo - power generation from dirt. I never intended to invent something to change the world. (Maybe, now, I should get started...)

What's my big idea? Doug wants to know. What's the core of my work? To convey it in four minutes? Everyone is struggling with the same thing. I wish I could simplify, wish I could reduce my ideas to a sentence. Others seem good at it, maybe it's the nature of your business that dictates how good you are at talking about it...

At night, welcome party. Talking to Sarah Jane about the human body in fluid motion, living under water, how we could survive (or just visit...). I didn't know there were aquanauts. There is Frederick, carrying his lab in his pocket. A microchip that offers a portable wet lab for disease diagnostics. I want to be able to carry my life's work in my pocket, pull it out and say "this is what I made."

Everyone turns in early again, 9:30pm the party clears out. The fellows in their rooms, practicing and revising their talks. I'm thinking about the next four days, I don't want to miss anything. I'm told I won't have a chance to see LA, and I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.


Nor Cal Freelance said...

LA is strange, I think it is best left to your imagination. On the flipside Northern California is past san Francisco is something worth the type.


Nomad said...

LA, lala land... not missing much unless you have a craving for freeways and concrete... enjoy the conference!