Wednesday, 10 February 2010

From Above Their Heads And From Beneath Their Feet

Following my work with Angle Theatre on my first script, I was invited in February 2010 to hold a reading of a new script at the Start Night at Hampstead Theatre. Start nights offer writers a way to get some audience responses to very early drafts of new work. I like to get external reactions to my writing and films as early as possible, to see the material actuated and not just conceptual. Seeing the script on stage is completely different to reading it yourself, on a glowing computer screen, on your desk at home. It suddenly seems flawed and vulnerable.

From Above Their Heads And From Beneath Their Feet is about a father's obsessive search for contact with his son, missing for 14 years. He seeks the help of a psychic, a medium. The question remains: are his skills genuine, or just a mastery of manipulation? How far are we willing to go based simply on belief?

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