Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Friday, 11 December 2009

The Runner starts running

The film is finally starting to pick up real momentum. For some reason (I still can't figure out why) this film has generated much more interest - even at this early pre-production stage - than any of our previous projects.

We now have a full five-person crew to film in the Polisario camps in Algeria during the Sahara Marathon in February 2010, where Salah will be running the 10km race. We have my old friend and award-winning photographer Afshin Dehkordi, old friend and excellent photographer Jo Metson Scott, old friend and exceptional sound engineer/recordist Brendan Butler, new friend and brilliant DOP Hikaru Toda and me.

Us five in the field are joined by the invaluable Elhum Shakerifar - filmmaker and fundraiser supreme - who is, as we speak, counting the piles of money we have already to film this thing. We're turning money away, that's how good she is. Elhum is joined by the indispensable Amelia Leeson and Sarah Kent - two researchers recently added to the Tourist team. Amelia and Sarah are joined by...oh, you get the idea.

We'll have a new trailer uploaded any minute now.

Next step...we need a commission.