Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The next phase of Shooting Back

The videographers are publishing, they're making films about their lives. They're getting media coverage, now the project is public. If I hear more, if I see more links I'll post them here.

I hope I had something to offer them. I can't help thinking I wasted BT'selem's time and money by not getting into Gaza to run the workshops there. This is why they hired me in the first place. It wasn't my fault, of course, but I can't shake the feeling.

I received an answer from the GPO, about why my application for a press card was rejected. It seems - from what I understand, because all they did was quote their own list of requirements - that they weren't convinced I was there for legitimate journalistic purposes. Explain further, please...

So we want to tell stories, we want the filmmakers in Gaza and the West Bank to tell stories. They are monitors, witnesses, and maybe they want to be, can be more than that. They can be reporters, journalists, filmmakers, storytellers, whatever they choose to call themselves. The important thing is to put the power and responsibility back in their hands. Remember Issa saying "my camera is my weapon."

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