Saturday, 11 July 2009

Second remote Gaza workshop

Rif'at's film on the tunnels. He's sitting underground with the diggers, they all show their faces. He's talking directly to the camera, reporting 'from the field.' They laugh occasionally, the diggers, finding it funny that someone would be reporting from inside the tunnel, talking about them to the invisibles behind the camera.

Interview with an injured fisherman, he can't walk anymore, he sits in the corner of his room with his children in his lap.

Destruction after the war, a man described the damage done to his house. Ahmed says even animals were killed.

Testimonies about ordinary life, what about emotions? Feelings? Reactions? (maybe we need them in the videos as well)

CLIP 25: Message to the world.

These are the elements in our stories: personal introductions, coverage (visuals), interviews. Find the main subject! subject, subject, subject...

What's the main subject? If it's a family home, stay with them. Go back the next week, go back a month later.

The power in Gaza cuts. We lose video. We call Fadi on the phone, he's still there, but in the dark, they can't watch their videos any more. Put us on speaker phone - we continue the conference by telephone.

Yoav suggests smaller regular meetings, to keep the continuity of the project going. I say goodbye, hopefully next time I'll see you all in person.

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