Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Work is ongoing, if a little slow, with the film. We've shot another three films since the production of A Midsummer Night's War, but this will be our next next finished project.

At the moment, we're just putting the finishing touches to the picture edit, and moving into sound edit and music composition. The process is being slowed down by the fact that we're editing remotely, but hopefully it'll be done before too long. Out goal now is to have it ready by the end of June in order to submit it to the Canary Wharf Film Festival, and then arrange a series of screenings in London and (hopefully, in the future) in Lebanon.

I'm reading the news now about Lebanon, it seemed at the time of filming (and when I returned again in February 2007) that the country was trying to pick itself up and put itself together again. There was some optimism then, despite the bus bombing of February 13, there was still that spirit of moving on. Now Nahr El Bard, and more bombings on the streets of Beirut. The worst violence since the end of the civil war. It seems, perhaps, the cycle is starting again, and it makes me wonder if the film is still relevant now. Maybe too much has happened since the summer war to make a film about reconstruction valid...