Tuesday, 16 January 2007

A Midsummer Night's War

Filmed during the Ayam Beirut film festival held only one month after the summer ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbullah forces, A Midsummer Night's War is about the reconstruction not of the city's buildings, but of its reputation as an artistic and cultural capital.

At the moment, Gareth and I are still underway editing the film, perhaps around 2/3 done. We are back to the good-old days of 12-hour shifts, staring intently at a computer screen until nothing seems to make sense any more, breaking into hysterical, maniacal laughter, having a tea break, then getting back to work.

The film is structured as a story of two completely opposing views on the aftermath of the war: one who says we should simply go on as a sign of defiance, the other asking whether it's ever possible to go on after such a complex and destructive war.

"I have a problem with this Lebanese national sport of always going on as though nothing really happened..."

The editing has to be finished by the end of January, not only in time for a planned screening at London's Frontline Club, but because Tourist's alchemist-editor Gareth Keogh will soon begin two months in Doha with Al-Jazeera International. That's right, Mr. Keogh is finally making his way back to the Middle East to work for one of the world's most exciting, and controversial, news conglomerates. Then, hopefully, he'll be back to London for some more work with Tourist.

I hope.

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